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Forge Your First Project: Make a Coal Rake!

This is the eighth video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. This is the first forging project, in this video I show you how to forge a coal rake from a length of 1/2″ rebar. To make today’s project, I used the hammer, anvil, and forge created in previous videos from the series. In the next videod I will demonstrate how to forge a pair of blacksmith tongs.

Blacksmith Hammering Techniques

This is the seventh video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. In this short video, I cover the basic blacksmith hammer techniques, with a bonus including the clothing and PPE I use when forging.

Below are links to a few videos that go into more detail about hammer efficiency, mechanics, and other techniques:

-Black Bear Forge: Hammer technique and blacksmiths elbow prevention

-Sam Towns, Bladesmith: Hammer technique: How to keep swinging for years to come!

-DF – In The Shop: Blacksmithing for Beginners – Basic Hammering Techniques 

Hardening a Mild Steel Stump Anvil!

This is the sixth video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. In the previous video, I was unable to harden the stump anvil I just built. In this video, I show you a method for hardening the anvil by case hardening. I did this with a homemade casing compound that is cheap, easy to source, and safer than commercially available mixtures.

Stump Anvil Build – Part 1

Build a stump anvil!

This is the fourth video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. In this video, I show you how to build a stump anvil using an old sledge hammer head, a bolt, and a railroad spike. In the next video, I’ll show you how to heat treat and mount it.

How to Build Your Own Forge

Build a starter solid fuel forge!

This is the third video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. In this video, I will show you how to build a solid fuel blacksmithing forge with a few common tools including a cheap tabletop charcoal grill and kitty litter.

Dressing a Blacksmith Hammer!

Prepare your first forging hammer!

This is the second video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series. In this video, I show how to take an inexpensive cross peen hammer and dress it so that it will work well as a general forging hammer. I also show how to modify a hammer that may be too heavy so that you can hammer longer without as much fatigue.

What Tools You Need to Start Blacksmithing

What tools do I need to get started?

This is the first video from Raven’s Roost Forge and the first video in the “Start Blacksmithing” series! This video covers the basic tools you need to start blacksmithing.

The “Start Blacksmithing” series walks you through how to get started as a blacksmith if you don’t have tools or previous experience.